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        Casting of valve industry one of the main developing directions

        Source: NINGBO JINNUO VALVES CO.,LTD  Auto: www.stellar-richlist.com  Time: 2012-12-21

        Energy saving and environmental protection has become the common task of all industry, valve casting industry is not exceptional also. Casting valves as the key fluid control equipment widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, power, urban construction, environmental protection and other industries, these industries to environmental protection direction, are inseparable from the valve casting.

        From saves the energy angle to the development of the steam valve, to the subcritical and supercritical parameters of the high development. City construction to energy saving and environmental protection direction transition, before the general use of casting low pressure valves, especially iron casting low pressure valves, now to the environment-friendly plastic sheet valve, balance valve, metal sealed butterfly valve and the center line butterfly valve seal transition, oil and gas pipeline engineering gradually to change development, need more casting plate gate valve and casting ball, for both of these environmental protection valve casting industry brought huge market space.

        According to the requirements of the times and the needs of the market, China's valve casting industry should work hard to develop in the direction of environmental protection, to meet the needs of the market, to promote the related industries in China 's environmental progress.

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